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  • Parametrization — Parameterization (or parametrization; parameterisation in British English) is the process of defining or deciding the parameters usually of some model that are salient to the question being asked of that model. Context dependent meaning If, for… …   Wikipedia

  • parametrization — noun see parameterize …   New Collegiate Dictionary

  • parametrization — noun The act of parametrizing …   Wiktionary

  • parametrization — pa·ram·e·tri·za·tion …   English syllables

  • parametrization — noun see parameterize …   Useful english dictionary

  • Parametrization (climate) — Parameterization in a weather or climate model within numerical weather prediction refers to the method of replacing processes that are too small scale or complex to be physically represented in the model by a simplified process. This can be… …   Wikipedia

  • Feynman parametrization — is a technique for evaluating loop integrals which arise from Feynman diagrams with one or more loops. However, it is sometimes useful in integration in areas of pure mathematics too.Richard Feynman observed that::frac{1}{AB}=int^1 0… …   Wikipedia

  • Schwinger parametrization — is a technique for evaluating loop integrals which arise from Feynman diagrams with one or more loops.Using the well known observation that:frac{1}{A^n}=frac{1}{(n 1)!}int^infty 0 du , u^{n 1}e^{ uA},Julian Schwinger noticed that one may simplify …   Wikipedia

  • McCullagh's parametrization of the Cauchy distributions — In probability theory, the standard Cauchy distribution is the probability distribution whose probability density function is for x real. This has median 0, and first and third quartiles respectively −1 and +1. Generally, a Cauchy distribution is …   Wikipedia

  • Surface integral — In mathematics, a surface integral is a definite integral taken over a surface (which may be a curved set in space); it can be thought of as the double integral analog of the line integral. Given a surface, one may integrate over it scalar fields …   Wikipedia

  • Boy's surface — In geometry, Boy s surface is an immersion of the real projective plane in 3 dimensional space found by Werner Boy in 1901 (he discovered it on assignment from David Hilbert to prove that the projective plane could not be immersed in 3 space).… …   Wikipedia

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